Blondes vs. Brunettes vs. Afro

The blonde versus brunette argument does back for centuries, forever as long as we can remember. each woman has their own allure. It’s known that blondes have more fun – or is it? It’s a preconceived notion that blondes are dumber then brunettes. Many men can’t even decide which they luke the best. They do know when it comes to the type of companionship they are looking for. The blonde usually is better because they can be more promiscuous and sexy. The are known for being dumber which for men is an advantage because it’s easier to convince them to sleep with the guy. These of course are all fallacies.

There is no truth or rhyme or reason to the myth that blondes are more promiscuous then brunette. The beach blonde girl usually likes to act a little ditzier because it’s part of the stereotype that she is living. Commonly, a blonde will dye her hair for that reason of being silly, spunky or more fun. The brunette tends to be more intellectual, which is not always a bad thing either. Many men enjoy an intellectual woman because they are easy to have conversation with, they will make good companions which is what men require in the long term.

The TV show “The Middle” showed this lesson as an learned on one of the episodes. Axl was so attracted to the girl at the movie theatre, the blonde bimbo. He was so hot for her and then after working together for a while, her stupidity got he best of her. He couldn’t take it anymore and then in a fit fit of rage, he explained “you should read a book and get smarter” or “you’re so dumb” or something of the like. Then he had a heart to heart with his dad in the way that men do – and his dad told him that he learned a valuable lesson today, that women beauty is not the most important thing. She needs to have a brain to be able to have a real conversation. personality is more important.

That is very true, a pretty personal will carry the natural looks to the next level of beauty too. You can have an average looking girl with a an amazing personality and she will be more beautiful because of her personality. The opposite is also true, you can have a very pretty girl but if she’s very negative or lacks self conference or is known as the “debbie downer” then she will be more ugly then she really is. I suppose the lesson here can be that beauty is further then skin deep. It’s very true.

Now back to our original debate, the Afro was not mentioned yet. Girls with the Afros are an entirely different breed usually louder and can be more obnoxious and the center of attention, but this is very easy to see why, look at their hair! It’s bigger then everyone else’s so you know they will have a big show off center of attention type personality because their hair is that way so it makes allot of sense. These women are always a boatload of fun to be around, They are often clever, witty and can make very fun friends. In the eternal quest of blonde vs brunette, consider also the afro and put that into the equation!

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