The Sensual Couples Massage

A massage is a delightful way for couples to connect with each other after a busy stressful day at work. Getting a massage allows you to reflect on the day, your life and everything that is good.

It’s hard sometimes to turn off your mind, but the secret to a fulfilling massage is to clear your mind and to let you stress flow away with the touch of the masseur’s hands. Imagine that you’re in an amazing place by the sea, yes of course it helps if you really are by the sea! Try to clear your mind. Notice the way you are being rubbed, focus on the pressure, on the rubbing. You can try an electric massager for the muscles. If you are more adventurous and looking for more pleasure, shop online for a female vibrator at becuase once the sensual part is out of the way, it’s immediately followed by an erotic tinge and you’ll want to e prepared to act on it!

Having a couples massage is a great way to enhance intimacy because even thought massage is not a sensual or sexual act, it relaxes the body and lets the hormones flow through. You can feel more relaxed which can help sex feel better because you’ll be very relaxed and in the moment. It’s a great secret if you’re trying to conceive, get a couples massage and then there will be no stress, just sex and then you can increase your chances because sex is a deterrent to conceiving.

Of course if you’re not trying to start a family and just want to share in the special sexual intimacy of marriage, a couples massage will also greatly affect your sensation. You can be more open to sex toys and other intimate sharing experiences that many couples enjoy and that enhance their love life in and out of the bedroom.

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