Dildo Flop!

The mind is a powerful tool when it comes to being sexually aroused, especially for women. Serene settings, candles lit, aromatherapy infused aphrodisiac oils on our skin, scented powder on the bed…

For those who know, these little silly things can have a huge impact on the level of pleasure because it relaxes the psyche and gets the mind in the mood – and the body’s natural response is soon to follow. There is a lifetime supply of articles online telling you how to set the mood for love but I’ll tell you an unexpected result from my personal account of what happened when I bought myself a dildo for the first time.

I had a rabbit and a boyfriend but I was curious about a dildo since it seems to be so “quintessential” I assumed there was a good reason behind this. I made the purchase and got my dildo home but felt silly holding it in my hand. Not sexy at all. In fact all sexual desire went out the window. I couldn’t really bring myself around to using it…

After that I vowed not to try dildos anymore, I’m a happy, happy girl with my rabbits. Thank you very much!!!

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