A Different Kind of Babe

What is the appeal of sex cartoons? It’s probably the forbidden aspect, they are usually younger looking, definitely more innocent. It’s a different type of fetish, unlike any other. Check out the banner above, it’s a link to flash games for hentai cartoons, the most popular type of sex cartoon in a fun game that you can play. Undress the characters, or leave a little to the imagination. Whatever crazy fetish sex you want you can get with cartoons, maybe some of the appeal is that cartoons can be extra exaggerated, more then real life.

I’ve seen some cartoons where the woman is squirting, gushing like a spray hose. A real human lady could never reach the quality or the distance that the cartoons can, it’s probably the over inflated sexual fetishes in a cartoon fashion. Think also the popular cartoon porn like Disney or Simpsons. That’s a real freaky fetish but it’s popular, there are many different sites dedicated to that. I personally enjoy the Hentai cartoons. there is a reason why this style of the most popular out of all cartoon adult entertainment.

What is hentai? It is japanese original and when translated it means sexually explicit animation. Anime in itself is not a sexual themed thing, but the sex version of it is called Hentai. Although the westerners really like hentai and the word means sexually explicit in this hemisphere, it’s not a highly regarded word in japan taking on different meaning all together. Needless to say it’s not as celebrated there as it is here. Often the word hentai in japan is an insult! It means pervert! that’s quite the different definition over here where it means simply se cartoon. Often fetish is implied with it too, usually the hentai comics have a bondage or BDSM aspect. Sometimes they are about squirting or other light fetishes so it makes sense why here in America it has that connotation.

Perhaps another reason that sex cartoons are so popular is when they were being made originally, it was a gray area where they were invented because it’s not considered a sexually explicit or x rated imagery because it’s only illustration, it’s not a real life thing. they wouldn’t have had as much red tape to get through as the production of real live sexual entertainment videos.

There are now other branches of hentai that are more risque such as suggestively underage content (which is not shown here or ever will be) and gay versions of hentai, commonly known as Yaoi. It’s a newer and more upcoming themes hentai cartoon. Often a very fetish oriented theme, it quickly gaining popularity with gay males in America.

Another variation is Yuri which is lesbian cartoon porn. popular with both female homosexuals and men looking for erotic lesbian action. Most of the original hentai cartoons originated in Japan and have grown ion popularity here, most likely you’ve come across some of the content. It’s a different kind of babe, you might feel odd at first masturbation to a cartoon image but there must be some sexual appeal to it otherwise there would not be adult entertainment production studios releasing anime and hentai content!

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